A full-service framing company, Baycity Framers has the experience and reputation you want in a framing contractor. We strive to be efficient and professional, using the most advanced equipment and techniques in the industry.

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Baycity Framers would like to introduce ourselves to your company and let you know more information about our company and the services we provide. Baycity Framers is a licensed and insured Framing Contractor specializing in the framing construction of multi-complex, business and residential buildings. Baycity Framers is a California Corporation who has contracted since 2005 throughout the State of California. 

■  Contracting Specialty                        ■ Services Provided

■  Apartment Complexes                      ■  Framing Construction

■  Multi-Complex Units                         ■  Carpenter Laborers

■  Condominiums                                 ■  Lumber Materials

■  Hotels & Motels                                ■  Hardware Supplies      


Please be sure to add us to your list of subcontractors to allow us the opportunity to propose a bid for your project.  If you have any questions regarding our services or projects you would like us to propose a bid for, please contact Mario Saravia directly at (707) 689-4344. We certainly look forward to speaking with you regarding projects bidding in the near future.

ferred choice when it comes to plumbing services.

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Honesty and reliability are two things you can count on. Our goal is to ensure the job is done right and that you get the service you're paying for. You'll never have to worry about a job taking too long or costs racking up. We're here to do the work right and fast.

OWNER:    Mario Saravia           EMAIL:                            Cell: (707) 689-4344

Estimator: Mike Hooper             EMAIL:                  Cell: (619) 577-8786